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It’s Never Too Late to Do Something Good!

First experience is always cool. This morning, I donated my blood for the first time, finally after 21 years I live and after 4 years I’ve been studying in IT Telkom. FYI, in my campus there is a blood donation … Continue reading

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Kuliner : Kya Kya Mayong Purbalingga

It was about 2 months ago my family and I went to this place to have dinner. It was the first time for me stop and eat there. After a long trip from my parents hometown (Klaten – the town … Continue reading

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It’s June Already!

Welcome June! Actually it’s a little bit late to say those words because right now is the fourth day of June, at least it’s still in early June. June means a lot (for me) now. As you know, June is … Continue reading

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Am I Addicted to these Foods?

I’ve been living in West Java (Bandung) for about 4 years. Yaaa,as you know I am the kind of person that really like to eat, after almost 4 years being here I’ve found some foods that definitely addictive for me. … Continue reading

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Our House was Robbed.

I still remember what my sister my sister said “ Mbak, aku masih kerasa mimpi loh kalo 2 laptop sama kamera raib.” Yeah, yesterday (4/5) morning ba’da subuh (it was about 5.15 a.m), I got a call from my mom’s … Continue reading

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