It’s Never Too Late to Do Something Good!

First experience is always cool. This morning, I donated my blood for the first time, finally after 21 years I live and after 4 years I’ve been studying in IT Telkom. FYI, in my campus there is a blood donation program from KSR PMI (Korps Sukarela Palang Merah Indonesia) cooperating with UNIT TRANSFUSI DARAH PMI KAB. BANDUNG which is always held every 3 months. And started from two days ago until tomorrow (Dec, 19 – 22, 2011) , It is held again. I decided to try it. Since senior high school most of my friends have ever donate their blood, but me? I always try to deny it. Afraid? Hmm, a little bit but actually I was just concerned of the myths that say “Donate your blood, makes you fatter!” I have no idea since when that myths spread. Even I have to search the information through the internet about the myths, is it really accurate or not. And I realized that the myths aren’t true based on the theory (read here) but still I refused to try it until today.Alhamdulillah, I successfully convinced myself to do this one of noble deeds.

The place

I went there at about 9.30 a.m. this morning with one of my housemate. Then I registered myself to be a blood donor. This is what I got :

Donor card

I was a little bit embarrassed when people asked me “This is your first time?” with a slightly mocking face. But, okay, it’s never too late to do something good (that’s what my housemate told me). Then I started to check my health and

“Your HB is good, your blood pressure is good. Have you had breakfast?”

“Yes, only ketoprak. ” I answered

“Enough sleep last night?” Because to donor your blood you have to get enough sleep a day before, about six hours.

“Yes. “

“Okay, then you’re ready to donor!”

What I feel? I felt so good that time although a bit afraid, why I have to be afraid? I’m not a person that fear of needles and blood. I convinced myself again.

Then I entered the room and yeah, it’s just about ten minutes. I’m happy today yeeey!

This is my blood. Wow, it’s about 250cc!

Healthy dark red blood 😀

And I also got these meals and vitamin

White package

Meals and vitamin,ayeee!

So guys, don’t be afraid to donor your blood. Because a fear can’t prevent us to do good things around,so make your contribution! 


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3 Responses to It’s Never Too Late to Do Something Good!

  1. aq blm pernah donor, hehe
    dan sering banget begadang :mrgreen:


  2. va_a says:

    then good 😀 “Donate your blood, makes you fatter!” I think it just myths spread, doesn’t it? and then you will addicted to do again and again coz beside the way to give something, it also makes our blood preparing to do regeneration. At the moment, twicely, I have refused coz my HB and blood pressure, it’s not good ones. Invite me when you wanna do something that “it’s never too late to do something good” 😀


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