Kuliner : Kya Kya Mayong Purbalingga

It was about 2 months ago my family and I went to this place to have dinner. It was the first time for me stop and eat there. After a long trip from my parents hometown (Klaten – the town that I always spend my iedul fitri there), we stopped in Purbalingga (it’s about 21 kilometers far from Purwokerto). We stopped at Wirasaba(Gang Mayong) street, located in the central of town this place is full of food booths. Actually it’s just like a place that full of “pedagang makanan kaki lima”. The different is this place specially designed for all “kakilima” sellers.  And it has an unique name – Kya Kya Mayong . The first time I heard the name I even didn’t think that it is a place that full of “kakilima” food sellers. So many foods are sold there, and most of them are Indonesian Food (kakilima taste) like sate, kwetiau, fried noodle, fried rice, fried chicken,capcay,seafood and others. The layouts look so well-groomed. The Purbalingga government deliberately made the design for them (kakilima seller) so that the order of the city becomes well-organized.

These are some pictures that I took from that place :

Ayam goreng “murni”,it sounds like milk? :p

One of foods that we ordered

I guess, every night this place is so crowded because it becomes one of recommended places in Purbalingga, especially to satisfy our hunger. Wanna try? Come to Purbalingga! 😀


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4 Responses to Kuliner : Kya Kya Mayong Purbalingga

  1. arifqodari says:

    Ini tulisan makanan mulu isinya.. *ngiler*


  2. asdi galvani says:

    amazing ….make me mesmerized….
    something that well organized will make us comfort, that’s the point…”so you happy I am happy go ahead”
    someday I’ll go there…:)


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