It’s June Already!

Welcome June! Actually it’s a little bit late to say those words because right now is the fourth day of June, at least it’s still in early June.
June means a lot (for me) now. As you know, June is the sixth month in our calendar,so it is a month in the middle of the year (June-July). In the middle of year, usually people will realize that they have spent so many times and thef will think “time goes really fast,i don’t realize that it’s June already!” (I’m not the exception)

For me these days, June means :
1. I have to remember my final project.Oh, come on, a lot of my friends
plan to graduate this month but me?
2. Next month will be July : graduation ceremony (I won’t be there for
3. June 2011 (in Hijriyah Calendar) : Rajab started, next month will
be Sya’ban then Ramadhan. Astaghfirullah, I forgot that “we have to
prepare a lot of things to welcome Ramadhan”
4. Have to finish my duty and seriously think about FINAL

Whatever, I have to wake up. It’s June Already.


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