Am I Addicted to these Foods?

I’ve been living in West Java (Bandung) for about 4 years. Yaaa,as you know I am the kind of person that really like to eat, after almost 4 years being here I’ve found some foods that definitely addictive for me. What will I explain in this post is we can call it “makanan khas” from West Java (especially Bandung)

“Awug Beras” I knew this kind of food when I was in third year of college. It is one of typical food from West Java. This food is really simple, only made by rice flour, coconut, brown sugar and to make the aroma it’s added with pandan leaf. What a simple food, right? I think this food is nearly same with “putu”.
I don’t know why since yesterday I really wanted to eat that. Maybe, because last Sunday, I tasted that when my friend brought that to me. I was dreaming that last night (it’s too much – lebay).

“Odading” This food also known as “kue golang-galing” in my hometown (Purwokerto,Central Java). The taste is sweet and delicious of course. Because I really like “kue golang-galing”, I also become fans of odading. The same as awug, odading is also a simple food. We just need wheat flour and sugar to make it. One thing that made this food unique is the name. Odading is came from Dutch. The story say that long time ago this food didn’t have name because it is just made from flour and sugar. But one day, a child of dutch lady wanted that food, and because she didn’t know the name, then she called the seller and after saw the food then said “O, dat ding?” in Indonesia means “Oh,barang itu?” . I don’t know ,that’s true or not 😀


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4 Responses to Am I Addicted to these Foods?

  1. nyurrahman says:

    aku blas gak pernah nyobain tu makanan 😦


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