Kuliner : Bebek Garang “Segar Merangsang”, Braga Street.

Last Saturday evening (23/4), I went out with (some of) my classmates, there were 12 of us. After we had finished eating our free ‘bakso’ in Jabrig (someplace in my campus area) – a friend of mine treat us . We went there by 2 cars. After long discussion, we decided to go to Braga Street, to have dinner. We parked the cars inside Braga City Walk then we walked through Braga Street and stopped in Bebek Garang. Bebek Garang is one of famous eating places in Bandung. But that was my first time being there (and I was really curious before). Bebek Garang has what is it,mmm…just like slogan or tagline (we can call it that ya) “Segar Merangsang”. Seriously, at first you heard that slogan, you’ll think something dirty 🙂

There are some branches of Bebek Garang in Bandung (because bebek garang is included waralaba brand). The ones that we visited is in Braga Street 34. Even the name is contained of ‘bebek’ words, this place not only serves duck processed food, but also give the customer (that don’t like duck) some choices food (besides duck) such as chicken, potatoes,etc. We ordered some kind of foods , these are some pictures I took.

Ayam Lada Hitam

Kol Goreng (I think, This was the weirdest meal. I’ve never heard before)

Ayam Tujuh Puluh Goreng

Ayam Debus

Bebek Lada Hitam

Bebek Tujuh Puluh Goreng

Ayam Grinpis

Actually, this place also has pancake menus, duck pancake and chicken pancake (food I wanted to order), unfortunately, that time those menus were empty. So,what I ordered was just Hot Chocolate (Because all of the pancakes menus was none and in fact, I was already full and I wouldn’t order rice menus).

Although, I didn’t order some foods, I tried some foods ordered by my friends. Absolutely DELICIOUS, You have to try it!I plan to go there again,get the pancake!
Overall, my Saturday evening-night was so much fun (after I never spent my Saturday night out for long time).


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2 Responses to Kuliner : Bebek Garang “Segar Merangsang”, Braga Street.

  1. Arif says:

    dik, chicken attack di review donk :p


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