Trust me, we never be alone!

You’ll never walk alone.

Yap, that is the anthem of my favorite English Football club “Liverpool” also called The Reds team. I remember, the first time I really liked this football club when I was in first year of senior high school. I don’t know why I became freak with football that time (especially Premier League). But, this is not about my least favorite football club at all, because you know, after I entered my college almost never I follow their updates (I don’t have television in my boarding house anyway).
So, I just quoted “you’ll never walk alone”. Have you ever fell like alone? When nobody cares you? Then when you feel that everyone ignore your existence? I have felt that.
Actually, I was wrong when I thought that “I’m alone”. I realize that maybe I idolized Liverpool because of their anthem (besides I also like their logo and red costume, the red looks good). Let me tell you why we’ll never alone in our world.
1. You have so many people that exist in this big earth
2. You have so many people that you know
3. You have acquaintances
4. You have friends
5. You have best friends
6. You have family
When all of those are not enough (well, all of them are also human, human is not everlasting), you still have one left that never let you be alone.
God. Allah.
When you believe that Allah always besides you, there is no more loneliness you got. I have tried that. More you care Allah, then Allah cares you more than you. Being closer to your God is the best choice!


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