The day called graduation.

Okay it’s April now. Last month is March, and next will be May. This post has relation with a thing called ‘Tugas Akhir’ . Tugas Akhir is one of requisite if you want to graduate from my campus, besides you should finish all of your credits. I don’t know why it becomes really different with the other subjects (even that has the same credits, 4) . Maybe, because of the way it proceeds. In Tugas Akhir, you should make a proposal based on your own idea, and then the most hard part of it is implementation phase. Yah, let me say that I’m taking Tugas Akhir now! And still no progress from 2 months ago. What a shame.

Actually, what want to write down here is not about Tugas Akhir (TA) at all. Graduation, yeah graduation, a famous ceremony among college students. Last month, my campus held that ceremony (graduation),some of my friends(in the same year) joined that. And you know, I’m so envious. When will I? That is a question that people always ask me recently. Several days befor that ceremony, I helped my coworkers to pack the invitation for graduates and their parents – from January until this April, I’m working in my campus’s office as public relation and secretary department –. There is a picture I took when I was doing that.

Saw that invitation, I just thought, when will my parents get that one too? Bismillahirrohmanirrohiim..THIS YEAR! (but what month?)


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